The best investment you'll ever make

At the moment, the only way to permanently remove your unwanted hair is to go to a salon. Salons are not only very Expensive, but also time consuming.
With Your very own Laser hair removal device, you can do it when it suits YOU, and you wont have to pay a recurring fee, and there are no hidden costs, and no refills needed.

Time to take back your life!

How does it work?

IPL (Which stands for Intense pulse light)  is a new type of laser device for permanent and long term hair removal. 

It works by using light energy from the IPL device, which is absorbed by the melanin in your hair.  This then turns to heat and destroys the hair cells, preventing the hair folicle growing back.

Does it hurt?
Absolutly not! It's completly pain free, and you are able to choose a laser stregth to suit your comfort level.

Full body AND Brazilian

A complete Brazilian without the pain or discomfort.

It's completely safe to use on all areas with 5 strength levels to suit YOU, and YOUR skin.

IPL Laser hair removal is a completre life changer in everyway. Now you can get rid of hair on your on your legs, under your arms, or even do a complete brazilian with out the pain or mess or waxing or shaving.

Hear from others

I was very impressed with the shipping, they shipped the very next morning and were always around to ask any question I had. So happy with the overall experiance!

I was pretty sceptical about IPL laser, but I was actually surprised with how well it turned out. after the first use I could see a clear reduce in the amount of hair regrowing. So happy I decided to have a go.

Learn more about your device

Ashberry Pink IPL Laser Hair Removal
  • 5 Strength Levels

    Five adjustable energy levels to suit your skin tolerance. It provides your treatment gently and painlessly without hurting your skin with a wavelength 475-1200.

  • Permanent

    As you continue to use the IPL Laser Deive, you'll notice that LESS hair will grow back each time! Only one session a week, for 3 weeks.

  • 3 cm²

    A laser area of 3 cm² means it's big enough to easily do your legs, but small enough to get to those nooks and cranies!

  • 24/7 support

    We're here to help and support you all the way! Wether you have a few questions before you buy, or if you need some support for after your purchaec, we'll be there every step

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