Painless. Convenient. Permanent.


Why My Light Lab?

We are a group of Aussie girls who all had one thing in common.  We were tired of Painful waxing, Prickly legs after only a few hours of shaving, and trying to fit salon appointments into our busy lifestyles. 

But we've found the answer! 

"Worth every penny! Only used twice and it’s made a serious difference in hair reduction. Will continue to use! I have semi pale yellow skin and near jet black hair."


100% Safe for all skin areas

My light lab's IPL device comes with 5 strengths, so you can choose something light to start off with, and get more intense the more you feel you need to.

It also comes with two modes.  Automatic Flash, and manual flash for smaller more precise areas.   

From your head to toes. Literally.

With 5 strength settings, it's safe for all body parts.  From your legs, to your private parts.  Even your face!  No longer do you have to buy differnt products for different areas.  

The one to unite them all!

Not enough time for salon appointments?

We feel you.  Theres nothing worse than running around, trying to fit Appointments into your already busy day.  
Now you can get the salon feel at home, in your own time with no stress.

That's right. No reoccuring costs.

With 600000 flashes, you wont need to think about replacing any time soon.

And with no reffils or replacments, it's sure cheaper than our salon appointments!

Is this right for you?

Please cmake sure this device is suitible for you.

This device works by laser, and that laser targets dark areas which is your hair folicle.  Please make sure that your have a suitible skin tone, and hair colour, for your success and also comfort. 

All your questions answered

Got a few questions? Fear not, We've made a F.A.Q. that will answer all your questions!

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